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Starbucks Farmer's Market

Los Angeles, CA

The world's largest coffee retailer, Starbucks is known throughout the world for dependable service and quality coffee products.  A regular part of many people's day, a visit to a Starbucks Coffee location could happen at their neighborhood store, during their ride to work, at an airport or other kiosks in many locales.
Starbucks Coffee Co has turned to Valerio Architects to reinvigorate several of their key locations throughout Southern California. Valerio's design team has been working with Starbuck's local designers and their corporate team in Seattle to redesign and remodel multiple locations.  In addition to the demands of a quick construction turnaround, the new stores are designed using Starbuck's new design palettes, and may include new lighting, furniture, equipment, and some unique design elements custom to each location.




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