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The Counter Times Square

Times Square, NY

If you're not familiar with The Counter concept, they are a burger & fries restaurant known for their casual dining atmosphere and numerous burger options.  Customers order from a clipboard menu from dozens of options to make a custom burger unique to them.  The restaurants also serve beer and drinks, and every month they feature a different ‘Shake of the Month’.  Started in the Los Angeles area, the concept has grown to encompass locations across the US, and some international locations have started to open up as well.
Valerio's Counter Burger team quickly got busy with the local operators and corporate design/construction team, to learn The Counter's standards and put together the plans for the first local location.  The team stayed busy by soon moving on to two additional locations, including a high-profile location in Times Square in New York City.




NYCBurgerNo1 LLC/ The Counter

LT Construction

Valerio Architects

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