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Ursini Residence

Los Angeles, CA

Valerio was approached by the property owner to transform his 2 bedroom, 3-1/2 bathroom traditional condominium into a modern residential design.  One of four units on the 18th floor of the Wilshire Boulevard high-rise, the unit features stunning views of Westwood, Bel-Air, and Hollywood.  These views were enhanced by the extensive renovation, which changed the residence’s layout from a traditional multi-room floorplan into an open plan layout.  Although there were distinct challenges reorganizing and relocating rooms due to the high-rise’s fixed stack of utilities and services, the kitchen and bathrooms were both reoriented to take advantage of the views and connections between rooms in the new layout.
In keeping with the client’s desire to have a contemporary, modern, yet warm home, the home was extensively detailed with custom cabinetry, furniture, fixtures, and high-end finishes.  Custom bookshelves and cabinets for the owner’s extensive library line many of the walls that don’t feature floor-to-ceiling windows.  Flooring, cabinetry, and fixtures were made of Travertine stone, and Teak, Walnut, and Afromosia woods.
Extending the modern aesthetic to all spaces in the home, the bathrooms feature custom vanities and other fixtures that reinforce the sleek design.  An absence of drawer pulls, handles, and other hardware that one might typically expect to find- all elements are highly crafted through the art of wood joinery, allowing all custom pieces to both fit the client’s aesthetic and retain their functionality.




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