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Canvas Cafe & Gallery

San Francisco, CA

The Canvas Cafe & Gallery shows art by area artists in a retail space that has a cafe on one side and an full-service art gallery on the other. The Canvas Cafe and Gallery was started with the idea of creating a neighborhood meeting place where one could eat, get a cup of coffee, mingle, lounge, hear some music, and see work from local artists. The Canvas Gallery is owned by entrepreneur Matthew Blair, a founding partner of the restaurant chain, World Wrapps.
Valerio provided prototype design and architectural services for the original Canvas Cafe & Gallery location. The cafe and art gallery combination opened in San Francisco in 2001, with the intention of rolling out a series of these cafe & galleries. The 4,000 square-foot space consists of a central bar and serving area beneath a 30-foot high rectangular ceiling which divides the cafe section from the art gallery.






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