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N3L Optics Cherry Creek

Denver, Co

A new brand was born out of the merger between Oakley and Luxottica, the world-wide brand leader in optics.  Combining both Oakley's expertise in cutting edge design & technology, and Luxottica's retail portfolio/standing in the retail environment, N3L Optics, a multi-brand eyewear store was born. Due to our long-standing successful relationship with Oakley, Valerio was brought in from the first day to help design this new retail brand prototype. From the beginning, N3L Optics was to be a new experience for the eyewear consumer, focusing on technology, active lifestyle, and young consumers.  
Valerio, working alongside the close professional contacts made through years of experience with the Oakley design & development team, assisted in the prototype design and participated in the construction of a complete, fully functional mock-up store. After evaluation from all interested parties, from Luxottica executives down to store merchandisers, the mock store was translated into the first N3L Optics store in Denver, Colorado.  Since then, Valerio has been the sole architect for the handful of N3L Optics stores which have opened in test markets throughout the country.




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N3L Optics

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